Ten Common Myths About Maintaining Your Belly Button Piercing Healthy

After getting that piercing, we know you want to instantly wear that crop top and reveal to the world your newest bling but be cautious! You need to cover your piercing up . Do not wear skin tight clothes also.

So the fabric won't rub against your belly wear tops or dresses. Belly piercings take around four to twelve months to heal. Also and to prevent any infection during that time frame to be certain that the healing procedure is smooth, proper cleaning and caring is a must. After the piercing is completely healed you can change it out with a few of the many belly button jewelry on the internet or at your local piercing shop.

There are still a lot so as to hasten the recovery time of your piercing and you will do. Because we know you just can't wait to wear this midriff top you got, we listed it below for you.

Keep Your Clothing In Mind

As stated above, hold in wearing skin fit clothes first off. Your piercing requires oxygen to heal so it ought to be "free" for the first couple of days.

There are eye spots in the pharmacy that can give your piercing protection but still allow air to go to it, if you're not too keen with the idea.

Stay Away From Bacteria and Germs

Cleanliness is optimal for the belly button piercing healing process to go smoothly. Keep germs and bacteria away from your new piercing to ensure that there will not be any infection that might occur. You can elect to take a shower rather than a bath because longer period under water can expose your piercing to different bacteria.

Change your bed sheets especially blankets more often because you need to ensure that anything your belly might have contact with is clean and fresh. Before touching your piercing, most importantly, always disinfect and clean your hands.

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Be Sure To Keep Your Piercing Clean

To speed up the healing process, you can choose giving your belly a "bath time" using a saline solution. A daily saline wash is said to kill bacteria in and around helping it stay infection-free.

It is recommended by UC Berkeley's Health Services to use a solution of 1 teaspoon table salt (or 1/4 teaspoon sea salt if you like that one) dissolved in 8 ounces of warm water. Washing your piercing is not exactly like washing your entire body.

You have to be gentler with the piercing. Just soak it or gently swab the piercing with salt water and leave it there. Clean with water.

Be on the Look Out

If everything is in order, Monitor your piercing. Assessing your piercing daily will make it more easy for you to identify possible causes or signs of infection before it become worse.

Some symptoms of irritation or infection are redness and swelling. Some discharge on your belly is normal and this may last up to a week. If the discharge does not stop past a week, have it checked as soon as possible.

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